The Residences, St. Angela's, Sligo

St. Angela's College

St. Angela’s College is a recognised college of the National University of Ireland and currently provides third-level education to 1000 students, both full-time and part-time on a wide range of programmes. The College anticipates that student numbers will grow to 1500-2000 over the next five years.


St. Angela's College was founded by the Ursuline Congregation in 1952 as a training college for teachers of Home Economics. The College has widely expanded its education services since then. Today it provides programmes in Home Economics, Education, Nursing and Health Studies, Biology, Religious Education, Pastoral Care, Chaplaincy, Special Education Needs and Learning Support, Irish and Economic and Social Studies.


The College has expanded rapidly over the last decade and has proven its ability to provide a wide range of programmes in niche areas, which builds on the expertise and academic excellence within the College.

The College has demonstrated its commitment to the modernisation of its facilities and infrastructure, with ongoing investment in upgrading classrooms, lecturing facilities, specialist laboratories, enhanced telecommunications infrastructure and a range of student facilities and support structures.


St Angelas College


St. Angela’s College, over the past number of years, has provided a range of programmes and services to those involved in Education, Training and Continuing Education.

The Department of Education and Science has designated that St. Angela’s College is the sole provider for Home Economics Teacher Education in the State.


Leisure is an integral part of student life and The Residences, St. Angela’s is ideally located to give tenants easy access to the many sporting, cultural and social attractions that Sligo has to offer


“Student numbers will grow to 1500-2000 over the next five years”